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Wedding Hairdresser

If you’re looking for a reliable wedding hairdresser for your special day, our talented team of stylists can help. HKL Studio offers professional wedding hair styling for the bride, bridesmaids, and mother’s of the happy couple to ensure everyone’s hair looks flawless in person and for photos. We pride ourselves on our listening skills and take care to style your hair exactly as you like it, to help you feel spectacular on your wedding day.


Our founder, Kelly Sutton, has over twenty years of hairdressing experience and has helped hundreds of bridal parties feel confident and calm with beautiful wedding hair. We work one-on-one with the bride to understand the theme and styling requirements, and we can recreate almost any iconic hair look or put a modern twist on a classic style. Our team is always wedding day ready, arriving early and working to a schedule for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Different Wedding Hairstyles We Can Create

We cater for diverse tastes, and our wedding hairdresser can help you get your dream bridal look using high-quality hair tools and an in-depth understanding of hair texture and styling. Here are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles we can create:

  1. Beachy waves - keeping it light-hearted and romantic with soft, bouncy curls that look effortlessly elegant for spring and summer weddings.

  2. The undone up-do - add texture and volume with careful curl placement and shimmering hairspray for a feathery, feminine wedding look.

  3. Bohemian braids - intricate twists entwined with flowers and beads can complement a rustic wedding and enhance the bride’s natural beauty.

  4. Sleek and straight - eradicating frizz and adding shine gives your hair the wow factor for a chic and contemporary bridal look that gets guests’ jaws dropping.


HKL Studio is a professional hair salon where experienced hair stylists aim is to give the brides their dream wedding look. Visit us in Cambooya to meet your bridal hairdresser and start planning your big day.

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