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Hair Foils

If you’re ready for change but not quite for an entirely new colour, we can gradually add some foils to your hair over a few months to give your hair a new look while we transition you to a lighter or darker shade. Full head foils are one of the options that we offer at HKL Studio. The possibilities are as expansive as our colours. We can create copper highlights or multi-colour foils that look amazing on platinum or light blonde hair. We can add blonde foils or red splices on darker base colours to enhance and add dimension for a richer colour.

We invite you to browse our half-head of foils, cuts, colours, treatments, and styling for special events. Scrolling through our portfolio is the best way to know if we are the right hairdresser for you.

Other Services We Offer

A new hairstyle, colour or cut can make you look and feel like a new person. The feel-good vibe doesn’t have to stop there; we have a new therapy on offer called Bowen therapy. This is a non-invasive, holistic approach to healing using rolling motions over the soft connective tissue, tendons and muscles. Unlike massage, Bowen therapy is gentle therapy, and primarily affects the nervous system in conjunction with other bodily systems to bring the body back into a state of balance.  These techniques work closely on acupuncture points, and uses lymph drainage techniques to revitalise your body and mind.

The gentle yet powerful technique is hands-on and works with the body to heal itself, triggering specific points and problem areas to release and restore blood flow to blocked areas. The body’s natural healing and pain relief sensors are activated through gentle rolling movements over muscles, tendons, and facia (connective tissue). The progress is gradual, depending on what your injury or concerns are, you may feel results after just a couple of sessions. Bowen therapy stimulates the energy flows, and resets the body, allowing it to heal itself, you will feel the benefits from total relaxation to reduce pain.


Our Promise to You

Besides giving you a brand-new look, we want you to feel and look your best, which is why we have added Bowen therapy to our list of services. Feeling good inside and out is the best way to go about your daily life with a refreshed outlook and motivation. We also offer waxing so your skin can shine, removing unwanted hair while making the hair you have glow with new life and colour.

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