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Salon Near Me

What a Salon Near Me Can Do


Are you searching for a salon near me in Toowoomba area or Cambooya, Queensland? At HKL Studio, we offer a number of services to ensure you look your best. Think about what it is that you want. We work with men, women, and children.


Would you like to add a fun colour to your hair? How about some body or curls? We can provide haircuts, colours, extensions, and a wide array of other services. This ensures that you can have the hairstyle that you have always wanted.


We invite you to bring in photos to show us of the look you want. By visiting a salon near me with photos, it allows us to match the look as closely as possible. You can also get recommendations from one of our stylists based on the shape of your face, the length of your hair, and other details. It all starts by contacting us for an appointment on 0429864783.

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